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Problem with Dell Streak 7 WiFi


I have, a big problem with my tablet Dell Streak 7 WiFi. In the last week I must make a Factory Reset on my device. 

  1. Turn phone off
  2. Hold down Volume Up + Power simultaneously until black menu appears
  3. When white screen appears select: 1. Factory reset (User data only)
  4. Finished

and when i finished that,  device started installed the updates. And now, when i open Google Play i see the communicate about stopped unexpectedly process "com.android.vending" 

Please help me with this problem

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RE: Problem with Dell Streak 7 WiFi

my girlfriend also has a dell streak 7 and she just started having this problem. she is completly stock. i compared the ip address in the wifi connection and hers is connecting with the wrong ip address compared to my 7plus. the ip addy on my 7 plus is ###.###.#.9 hers is comming up ###.###.#.10. we are connected to the same router. the only thing she has done lately is went to new york city and connected to some free wifi's out there. how do i change the ip address on her streak..

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