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RE: Dell Venue 8 Pro 5830 No Camera after Windows 10 Upgrade

I know this has been forever on this thread but I was glad to find it.  I upgraded my Venue 8 Pro to Windows 10 over a year ago and didn't have good luck with it.  After fighting with it I finally threw it on a shelf and bought an android tablet.  I finally decided to attack the Dell tablet again and after pulling hair out for 2 days I was about ready to throw it back on the shelf.  The issue for me was not just the camera but mostly the overall speed of the system and the wifi wouldn't keep a connection.  Doing anything on the tablet was dog slow.  The wifi kept reverting to 169 and would have to reset it.  Found this thread and downloaded the Atom 3000 chipset drivers from the provided link and POW!  My tablet and Windows 10 is kicking <Substitute character removed> again!  So glad to have it back.  Thank you for providing that link.

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