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Replacement of LCD screen for Dell streak.

I recently bought a Dell Streak from a local retailer in Chennai. I had problems right from the beginning for the phone, right from putting the rear battery panel. It took some effort and patience to say the least to fix it on. On succeeding with this task and switching on, I logged into my wifi network and was alerted to update the software for the phone. I clicked the alert and waited for the download. The phone switched off. Assuming I must have pressed a worng button, I tried again. Download starts and then again phone goes off. This happended close to 20 times before I succeeded in downloading and installing the update.

Was very excited to start using the phone, and then again it goes off!!!!. I realised that the problem was originating from the rear panel, which kept loosening. Any movement of the phone, such as keeping it down was loosening the panel and it would switch the phone off.

I found that this was a problem faced by many buyers of the phone,  when I browsed the net. Advice offered was to press the rear panel hard and shove it into the slot. So there I go again. It seats well. I turn to switch the phone to find that the LCD is all splattered. Not to mention how upset I was. Imagine it was not even 5 hours old.

I took it to the Dell service centre with the bill. They told me that the LCD has been damaged and accepted the piece with the promise of an engineer calling me later in the day. He did. Only to tell me that this was being treated as an "accident case' and that sevice could not be extended till then end of January 2011.

Now Im in an absolute fix. I hope that Dell will take some responsibility in replacing the LCD at the earliest.

For the record, Im not really what you could call a novice with phones. I am a phone freak and own a couple of Iphones, a Samsung Galaxy Tab, a HTC Wildfire, a few balckberries, etc. and write opinions on some blog sites. But Ive not met a phone as flimsy as the streak !!!!

I hope that Dell will take some action to atleast repair the phone UNDER WARRANTY and at the earliest.

Request your help.


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Re: Replacement of LCD screen for Dell streak.

Dell Sucks dude.. They think they can get away with it. But they don't realize how many customers they are loosing. Pathetic company. The lowest quality electronics in business. May i see the end of DELL..

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