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Setting Up Outlook on Dell Venue Pro

I'm having trouble setting up Outllook on my new Dell venue Pro phone.  Our outlook set up at work includes a space in the user name (it is our first name and last name with a space in between).  My phone will not allow me to space, so I can't complete set up.  Is there some way to override this in set up?  I had a similar problem with my old T-Mobile MyTouch 3G (the phone just elmimated the space when I tried to save the info), but this phone does not even space in the user name area. 

Can anyone offer some insight???  I would greatly appreciate it...

Thank you!!


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Re: Setting Up Outlook on Dell Venue Pro

Try using your email address instead for your login name. If that does not work contact your Windows Domain administrator and request your username+UPN. (This is normally your username@domain.com).

Windows Active Directory uses multiple login names (to support pervious versions)


Hope this helps,