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Streak 7 GPS issue

I bought a Dell Streak 7 (wifi only) last year in the US and upgraded the rom to HC (official model). It did work great.

But troubles came recently, since I moved to China: GPS does not work!

No satellite is found and the device can not be located.

Anyone knows how to solve this problem?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Streak 7 GPS issue

Hi You Wont Like This 😞

GPS is a touchy issue in china ,like russia they have their own gps system theirs is named "Beidou" things like geotagging is  illegal in China! even gps equipped cameras are fail or incorrect location,rather than the signal being interfered with it proberly in the devices firmware not to use the gps in china or to limit its use to comply with their allowed products

[:)]  Hiya From UK [:)]

Dell Streak-7  Force Shutdown / Hard-Reset / Safemode / Recovery  info hard-reset.com/dell-streak-7-hard-reset.html

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