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Streak locks-up with incoming call

I recently purchased a Streak from Best Buy, that I am using on the ATT network.  (It is still using 1.6 Software) I love the device but, like many others are having trouble with lock-ups.  The one that bugs me the most is when a call comes in the phone locks up and the call cannot be answered.  I did call customer support and the only suggestion was to do a factory reset... hmmm really?   I would love to see a real fix for these lock-ups.  ( As soon as the Call dissappears the phone will dial the number back!)

When using the GPS navigation it has also locked up, along with several other random instances.  These all were solved by just removing the battery!

I am writting this looking for the answers that customer support could not provide, any ideas welcome

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Re: Streak locks-up with incoming call

I had the same problem with two different Streaks and I made Dell replace both of them.  Between that problem and the failure to update the software, I think we've all been royally screwed.  Don't let them jerk you around.  Insist on a replacement or reimbursement and then go out a buy a real phone.  Good luck.

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