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Turn on Wi-Fi does not work


tried to turn on Wi-Fi on my Dell Streak, by doing:

Settings > Wireless Controls > Wi-Fi > Turn on Wi-Fi

Result is just a pop-up window saying "Peripheral"

GSM-networks works.

What wrong here? Why is WiFi blocked? 



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Re: Turn on Wi-Fi does not work

WiFi works on Dell Streak.

I have four remembered connections that all work fine.

Suggest that you reset your Streak.

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Re: Turn on Wi-Fi does not work

Thank you,

found the way to reset it to factory settings here:



Next question:   Does anybody know an App or an other easy way to back up the system and individual settings.

Are they all on the SD-Card?

I connected via USB to my WinXP PC, but Windows was missing a driver to map it as a drive.

Can sb help here?


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