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Update to My Streak Experience

After being accused of stealing my streak (by a Dell Mobiltiy Supervisor), ignored and lied to, I FINALLY found a bright spot at Dell Mobility. Early this morning 4:30 PST I called Dell Mobility, on my way to the airport, to get an update on the progress of registering my Service Tag.I spoke to a very nice lady named Jamie (sp?) of who in a matter of hours accomplished what three supervisors in four weeks had not been able to do. She called the Tag Department and found out that due to mistakes in shipping and assigning service tag numbers to phones sent out to retailers like Bes tBuy it was virtually impossible to get my phones service tag into the system.....she then asked where I had purchased the device, personally called the store and spoke to the manager of BestBuy Mobile, arranged for an exchange , and then called me back with the exact info. Since I am travelling she arranged the exchange for after I have returned and then told me she would call me later that day to ensure that Besst Buy had handled the situation properly. She was extremely understanding and empathetic to the fact that this was an ongoing issue. She is the model that Dell should base ALL its customer service on. I am not quite sure how, but I am going to do my best to make sure that she is recognized for her exceptional efforts and honesty about the situation. Thank You Jamie!!!!!



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