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Venue 11 Pro BOIS A10?

Has anyone successfully installed this and if so can you help me?

Their directions say "Use DOS bootable USB"...

I tried this, to boot to a DOS USB you have to shut off UEFI boot, which gives you an 'Invalid partition" error, but then you can get into the USB 'DOS" prompt.  Run the proper update, says preparing update, then reboots, but just gives you the invalid partition again then dumps you back to the DOS prompt.

What am I missing?

I tried booting from a Win 8.1 CD and going into the advanced options and getting a DOS prompt there as that won't load it either.

Id you've successfully done this please post whatever procedure worked fo\r you.


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RE: Venue 11 Pro BOIS A10?

All I did was download the file and run it from Windows Explorer, it asks you if want to upgrade and tells you the old and new version information. It reboots and installs.

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