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Venue 11 Pro charging issue

I've got a Venue 11 Pro running Win10

It charges successfully with the big power plug (not sure what it's called)

However I can't get it to recognise the keyboard dock (not used for a long while so battery will be depleted).

If I use power adaptor I have for it (19.5V / 1.2A / 24W / 450-ABNT / Dell-badged) with the usb connector it causes the keyboard power light to come on for 5 seconds then go off again. Doesn't matter how long it's attached it doesn't seem to charge the keyboard.

If I use the same usb power adaptor on the tablet itself via the right-hand-side port it's not recognised - it doesn't show as charging when running Win10 and Dell Diagnostics do not recognise it is attached either.

I've tried swapping out the usb lead on the adaptor but nothing makes any difference.

Can someone please advise? I'd very much like to be able to use the keyboard.

Thank you kindly.




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