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Venue 11 Pro screen brightness issues when docked to mobile keyboard

Just got my tablet last week, and the keyboard finally showed up yesterday. My system didn't ship with the update for the keyboard issues, so after getting really frustrated, I found the fix here on the forum. But im having another keyboard issue that Im not sure how common it is. When I dock the tablet to the keyboard, the display dims. Even when set at max brightness, its only about half the brightness as when undocked. There are 11 positions on the brightness indicator when plugged into the keyboard, and a slider when used through the settings menu. Only the maximum bright position, and the first two steps down cause a change in the screen brightness when docked. If you dim to the lower settings, nothing changes. The same goes for the slider, only the top 1/5 of it will cause a response in the screen. if you undock the keyboard, the brightness wont reset (and the controls still function as above) until you rotate or shake the tablet. Then the screen will pop back up to its max brightness and the slider will function through the full range of brightness options. Any help on this?
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RE: Venue 11 Pro screen brightness issues when docked to mobile keyboard

This just worked for me:

Right click your desktop,

choose Personalization,

click the Screensaver link,

click the Change Power Settings link,

click the Advanced Power Settings link,

scroll down to the "Display" and expand it,

expand "Enable adaptive brightness"

change the setting to "off" for "Plugged in".

Your screen should brighten and stay brightened. 🙂

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