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Venue 11 detects Dell E2213 Monitor but monitor is black

I have several dell venue 11 pro's which despite having an on going issue with the onscreen keyboard I have had to start deploying.

The first five that went out connect to the external dell monitor via the docking station on a HDMI to DVI cable fine.  

But I deployed another 3 this week all of which have the same build the same bios (A012) etc but wont connect to this monitor.   All of them connect to the Delol 52240Tb touch screen monitors.

The tablet recognises the Dell E2213 the display setting show images of monitor 1 and 2 the Display drop down shows the Dell E2213.

The monitor either continually flashes saying it is entering powersave mode or just flickers slightly occasionally.

If I connect to the devices with VNC I can span across the screen to the black space where the second monitor should be - I can drag application windows across to it but they don't display on the actual monitor.

I have tried loading the specific drive for the monitor and updating the graphics driver on the tablet to no avail.   The devices that are working with this monitor don't have the monitor driver loaded and are working with the older graphics driver.

Has anyone one else experienced this or have any ideas how to resolve it.

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