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Venue 11 pro 7140 Beep Code Decoding - Melody then 3-2-1

Hi all. I have a Venue 11 Pro 7140 that stopped working a little while back.  Turning on the device yields now real activity.  Occasionally the backlight will come on.  I have removed the battery and tried to power on with just the charger plugged in.  Still nothing.

When I try to put the tablet in diagnostic mode (vol-up + power), I manage to get a beep code.  It first plays a little melody rif, then does 3 beeps, pause, 2 beeps, pause, 1 been, pause.  The sequence then starts over and continues indefinitely.

I was wondering if someone could decode the beep code for me.  I have searched around here and the internet without much luck.

Warranty is expired, so just seeing if it is something fixable or not.


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RE: Venue 11 pro 7140 Beep Code Decoding - Melody then 3-2-1


Thank you for writing to us!

This could be hardware issue.If you are able to see the Dell logo kindly run the epsa ( diagnostics),also check the LED and check if there is sequence of blinks.

Kindly Private message the service tag and email address.



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