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Venue 7 rebooting constantly

I cannot do anything with my venue 7.  I can turn it on go to settings and it reboots.  Then I try My Dell, it reboots.  I try a game, play for 5 minutes or so and it reboots. I tried Dell Cast, and it reboots.  Holding the sound button during start up gets me nothing.  No green android, nothing.  If nothing else, do I need to destroy this device before scrapping it?  I enjoyed it for 2.5 years and got hooked on tablets but come on Dell, that is not a really great span of time for a device with only 3 moving parts!

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RE: Venue 7 rebooting constantly

Thank you for your message.

Is the device heating up before the reboot? Do you get any error message?

Seems like the OS is corrupt & since the hard reset does not work you will be unable to reset the device to factory settings.

There is no image available online to reinstall.

You can contact Dell out of warranty team on 1-800-288-4410 & check if they can assist you with an OS image drive, however, this will be a paid support.

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