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Venue 8 Pro Backlight Only On

I have had the Venue 8 pro for almost 2 years. I have had issues with the power and with the wifi connection. Now for the past 4 months, when it's charged I get nothing on my screen!  Every once in awhile I can get the power screen to come up but I'm not able to actually use the tablet. The touchscreen will not work and then it will turn off and I can only see the backlight. I have contacted Tech Support and they told me since my warranty was out I should take it to a local computer repair place. I have been purchasing items from Dell for well over 20 years and now I'm told to go elsewhere to get it fixed! Pretty annoyed at this point, like I'm ready to take a hammer to this thing.

Anyone have any ideas on what I can try to get this to work. I have also tried connecting it to my desktop to see if I could access the tablet that way but it's not coming up on my desktop when I connect it.

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RE: Venue 8 Pro Backlight Only On


Thank you for writing to us!

As we understand that the touch screen and the system goes blank when you connect the charger but does the tablet work fine when the charger is not connected to the system. Have you tried to connect a different charge to check if that helps.

If you are able to back up the data on the system kindly so as this could either be a hardware or a software failure.

Once the data is backup on the system then you can reset the system to factory defaults and check if that help .

Kindly private message the service tag and email address.



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