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Venue 8 Pro Factory Backup Error

Hi, I'm trying to use Dell Backup and Recovery (both this and the update 1.7.5.X) to create a factory backup on a Venue 8 Pro 5830 64GB, but it doesn't work. After selecting my 8GB USB flash drive and clicking Start, it moves to the Initializing phase and waits for about 30 seconds before it displays "An error has occurred" at the bottom and fails. This issue occurs with 2 different 8GB USB flash drives. I looked into the files that it creates in the Temp folder while this process is occurring and there are 2 key files: dpscript_clean.dat and dpscript_create.dat.

These seem to be diskpart scripts and it looks like it fails on the second one, dpscript_create.dat. I manually ran the commands, one by one, starting with dpscript_clean.dat and then the dpscript_create.dat and it fails at the command to create a partition with "no usable free extent":

  • sel disk 1 (no problem, as this is the USB flash drive)
  • create part pri id=0B size=32768 (the point of failure, as that size is too large; following lines are probably cancelled; backup requires 4.1GB, device has 7GB+ available; it shouldn't be trying to create a 32GB partition on the drive)
  • select part 1 (no problem)
  • format etc. (no problem)
  • assign letter=" " (it seems that the character in the quotes is not a space, but a null; maybe remove letter=[DRIVE LETTER] would be better if the goal is to hide the drive letter? I'm not sure if this is the intention though)
  • active (no problem)
  • exit (no problem)

After the process fails, it renames dpscript_create.dat to dpscript_create.dat_failed and seems to try again by regenerating the dpscript_create.dat, but that fails in the same way and then it displays the error message at the bottom. Please let me know what can be done to fix this. Thanks for your time!

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RE: Venue 8 Pro Factory Backup Error

Just to add to the original post, it seems that it tries "create part pri id=0B size=32768" with that invalid size parameter only after the process fails without it as "create part pri id=0B". This confirms that the original fault wasn't with this command, but the 'assign letter' command. When the dbr app generates the dpscript_create.dat, it fails to insert the correct drive letter into the assign command, leaving it as 'assign letter="[null]"', which is invalid. By injecting the drive letter into memory before it writes this command to dpscript_create.dat, resulting in something like 'assign letter="D"', it was able to successfully perform the factory backup.

Please try to ensure that it actually writes the appropriate drive letter instead of null when generating this line, so other users can avoid this possible issue. Thanks for reading!

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