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Venue Pro 11 7130 - Bluetooth, SD Card Reader,Speaker issues

I bought a Venue Pro 11 7130, used.  It has Windows 10 installed.  The bios is A16 vPro.  The device has a number of annoying issues that I cannot seem to resolve.

I spent several hours with Dell Support, where they had complete control of the device.  We ended up resetting the computer but it reset to Win 10, not Win 8.  Nothing was fixed.  I have installed the Dell Command Update and updated all of the drivers.  Nothing was fixed.  

Here are the issues, and suggestions on any of these will be greatly appreciated:

1.  The speakers will not play.  Headphones work fine, speakers do nothing. This is where the Dell guy spent all his time. There is no indication that there is an audio issue in device manager or any other audio settings page.  The system seems to think the speakers work fine, but they don't.

2.  The SD car reader will work for a little while when I eject the card and close it again.  It will eventually stop working and give me the Code 10 error in the Device Manager.  It will not start working again until I re-install the driver or pop out/in the card.  But then it will stop working again.

Fixed with BIOS update

3.  There is no bluetooth listed in the device manager or in the settings.  The bios even says bluetooth is not installed.  I am pretty sure this came with bluetooth when it was running Win 8.

4.  The device manager has the following additional errors:

a.  Near Field Proximity Provider - Code 10 (this device cannot start)

b.  Intel Management Engine Interface - Code 10 (Status device power failure)

Fixed with BIOS update

Thanks for any suggestions on any of these issues

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