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Venue Pro 7139 Fingerprint sensor not working in Windows 10

Hello everyone,

I recently noticed my fingerprint sensor stopped working suddenly. It had been working flawlessly in W10 prior to this although I can't tell exactly what triggered the stop. I reinstalled Windows from scratch and I had the same issue.

I tried to uninstall and reinstall the drivers, same result. 

I have seen a few people with other devices and similar issues, but they all seem to report they get an error message to the effect the fingerprint sensor is not connected. This is not quite what I get: in Windows Hello, I can initiate the procedure, but when I pass a finger over the sensor to register it, I get a "something went wrong, please try again" message. I have tried it multiple times on both installs with the same result.

Could this be a Windows issue? If so, where can I even get help on this??


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