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Where is the LTE/mobile broadband option on the venue 8 pro?

Last year, after a couple of threads here and talking with some dell people in person at dell world, I came away with assurances that the venue 8 pro would have an LTE/mobile broadband option available some time probably in January, but definitely within a couple of months.  It's been about three months now, and there's still no hint of it.  Did Dell decide to quietly kill the feature and not tell anyone?

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RE: Where is the LTE/mobile broadband option on the venue 8 pro?

I could swear I saw something casual recently saying that this would be coming later this year, but I could be wrong or it could just be a rumor.  Also, unfortunately, 3 months for a new tech. version coming out is nothing (as odd as that feels for tech.). 

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RE: Where is the LTE/mobile broadband option on the venue 8 pro?

I think it's already available in Europe. Maybe it's taking longer in the US because the carriers have to stick their noses into devices and grunge them up with junk utilities and secret behavioral tracking... Or maybe it only seems that way. More probably, it's taking some time because the major networks use slightly different technology, like Sprint vs. Verizon, for example, and requires negotiating with the carriers.

I recently purchased a (Sprint) "Zing" mobile hotspot and am delighted that the GPS, which is delivered over Wifi, works with Google Earth (desktop) and Bing and Nokia Here maps in metro.

Bluetooth GPS devices also work with the gps7s32.exe driver from TurboIRC. This driver is neat because it can make the GPS appear at a COM port for applications that like that OR appear as a sensor for apps that want the location service.

The plan was $69 for 6 GB and $89 for 12 when I signed up.  If you're in an area with strong Sprint LTE, you can even use Skype over the network. Knock on wood, but it's been working great for me so far, including a trial driving around with Bing maps. (The Here maps include free highway/roadway maps that you can download state-by-state that work offline, too. That's a big advantage over Bing maps and Google.)

Kind of got off-topic there. emoticon.Geeked.title

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