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active pen (PN579X) continuously becomes 'disabled'

Hi there.


I recently bought xps 9575 with stylus pen PN579X, which is now making my life perfect if I don't think about an issue with the pen.

The pen worked well when I install the drive and set all the requirements up.

But after a while - probably after few bootings of the laptop - the pen becomes 'disabled'.

- battery ok

- bluetooth connected

- pen's buttons works well

- laptop's screen works well with my finger

But the screen doesn't react to the pen.

And if I re-install the pen's driver, it starts working.


I guess it is something software issue. Is there anything I can try to fix this? 


Thank you 

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Re: active pen (PN579X) continuously becomes 'disabled'

ive recently gotten the  xps15 2 in 1 and this pen. pen works fine, but cant figure out if it is able to do right click and double click. have you gotten your issues resolved?


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Re: active pen (PN579X) continuously becomes 'disabled'

Hi, I have the same problem with that active pen. Have you fixed this problem? If yes, what have you done? Thanks in advance.

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