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can't turn on my dell streak 5

Hi everybody, I installed a qqvideo player and it stopped all sounds, headers and the three tactile buttons at the bottom. So I uninstalled it and it tarted working again. But one day later, when I try to turn on my phone, this message "dt is in dart_console_mode" displays. what does it mean and what to do to make my phone work again? thanks for your help

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Re: can't turn on my dell streak 5

Hi Mikouzoann,

I would recommend you to try the pin reset button [pin reset is located in the small pin hole next to the SD card slot]

Can you try reseating the battery, then plug it in to charge for at least 30 minutes [while powered off] make sure there are no issues with your charger connection or cable.

Let me know if any of these steps help the issue.

Please do get back to us on any further assistance.


Thanks and Regards,
Nikhil M

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