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my dell venue 7 is spoilt

when i switch my dell venue 7 only the dell trademark with "powered by android will show and that is all. i have taken it to many repairers and none was able to repair it. does it mean it is totally spoilt forever. can u pls help me

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RE: my dell venue 7 is spoilt


Thank you for writing to us!

Looks like there is software issue .

We would suggest you to do a hard reset and restore it to defaults.

Press the Volume down + power button to boot into droidboot mode. (you will see the Dell Logo and then the Droidboot screen).

Use Volume down to select recovery mode.

This should reset your tablet. 



DELL-Robin D
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RE: my dell venue 7 is spoilt

Hi Robin,

I would like to know when Dell has foreseen to update the venue 8 7000 to the last android version (marshmallow 6.0)

Thanks by advance to let us informed



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