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my streak continuously reboot

Dear dell,

I bought my streak mini5 from dell.com US at Dec 23

My streak mini5 runs well first.(android2.2)

But  i took the battery off while it was starting system today.-_-!!


it continuouslty reboot every 20 seconds,shows the dell logo.

it reboots even in fastboot mode.So i cant repair this problem.







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Re: my streak continuously reboot

I just gave my thoughts on this problem in another thread. 

We have the same issue and I fear there is no solution without using a completely different OS (or fixing it!).  Android has to be the problem.  Have you send it in for a replacement?  That is what I am going to do once I talk to customer service again.  I'm really, really hoping I can get a refund or something if the replacement doesn't work.

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