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Email from

Received an email from the above address with a PDF attachment. Not sure if it's legit as I can't find anything on my Dell account that matches the invoice number. Is it legit?



Please do not respond to this message via email. This is an auto generated message and cannot process your reply.


Thank you for selecting Dell and allowing us to serve you. Attached to this email is your invoice.

Dell Customer Number: xxxxxxxxx
Invoice Number: xxxxxxxx
PO Number:

If you cannot open the attachment, simply download and install the Adobe(R); Acrobat(TM); Reader from Adobe Products Installation.

Should you have any questions about which Terms of Sale apply to your order, please contact us. Customers in the U.S. may learn more by visiting us at Customers outside of the U.S. may learn more by visiting us at

The foregoing online terms are also available in hardcopy from Dell at your request. If Dell does not receive such a request, we understand that you have waived the option to receive the terms by other means and electronic online access as described above is hereby considered to be sufficient notice.

As always, we welcome you to visit if you have any further questions regarding our products or services.

Thank you again for choosing Dell!

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I received the same thing.  Logged into the Dell site and my location was changed to India for some reason.

I switched it back to USA and I saw no new Orders or Invoices on my account and everything seemed to be secure.

I'm ignoring the email and contacting Dell Support just in case.

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I received the same email today - what did you find out?


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