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Call Home for Unity - No ESRS

Hi -

Is there a way to set up Call Home for Unity outside of using ESRS? We do not currently leverage ESRS. If so, does anyone have any documentation on this set up?


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Re: Call Home for Unity - No ESRS

You can use the integrated ESRS Client on the Unity system so that you dont need an extra ESRS Gateway.

It does require the necessary ports allowed on the firewall - see the Unity ESRS manual

Other than that there is no other callhome to EMC Support (modem, EMail,...) currrently supported

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Re: Call Home for Unity - No ESRS


If Unity OE or more, less than 4.2, please refer KB 503650


Unity: How to configure call home without ESRS [User Correctable]

If Unity OE 4.2 and Later, ConnectEMC can be configured via uemcli commands as well per KB 502699 https://support.emc.com/kb/502699

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