Consistency Groups and VMWare


I am currently creating VMware clock VMFS LUNS using the VMware menu item in Unisphere, but would also like to use the Consistency Groups feature for snapshotting groups of LUNS belonging to one VM. This is partly because I would like to use a high number of local snapshots for local Point In Time recovery, but having to snapshot a few LUNs for one server means I soon hit the maximum 1000 snapshots on our 300F, and partly because it makes sense to have all LUNs for one VM in one snapshot (the whole point of consistency groups). This feature is only available when you create a LUN using the Block menu item. This raises 2 questions.

1. Why is a feature that appears to be aimed at keeping LUNS for a VM together not available under the VMware Tab?

2. What is the difference between LUNS created under the Block tab and the VMware tab?

I am aware that the VMware tab automatically adds to and rescans the hosts added to the access tab, but we have an issue adding the hosts via Vcentre discovery, so have had to add our hosts individually and therefore still have to go and add the LUNs manually in Vcentre anyway (due to our VMware setup a small bug of Host IP addresses that EMC are aware of and will be fixing in next release, but have told us the workaround is to manually add hosts). This means no real advantage of the auto-adding LUNs to Hosts for us.

If there is no major difference between the LUNs created under block and VMware Tabs, then why, when you go to Consistency Groups and select add LUN, can you not see any of the LUNs created previously under the VMware tab.

Hopefully someone can answer

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