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Dual VIOS & vscsi with a UNity powerpath Lun


After créate a LUN we presented in to a DUAL Cluster VIOS in Unity (cluster)

Powerpath and ODM are installed in both VIOS, and powermt show hdiskpower0

Also change the lsattr -El hdiskpowerX reserve_policy=no reserve in both VIOS

After asigning to the VIOS1 succesfully we tryied to asign it to VIOS2 an shows the following error:

"The Virtual IO Server Encountered an error whilw processing you request. In some cases, repeatin the command with the forcé flag will allow it to succed. However, this approach can sometimes result in damaged data if used in an improper way. Please Try to forcé Command below.

HSCL400C A VIOS command syntax error has ocurred. Cannot open a file or device.

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Re: Dual VIOS & vscsi with a UNity powerpath Lun

Not knowing anything about VIOS, this sounds more like a configuration issue on the cluster. You might want to try posting your question in the PowerPath forum.


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