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EMC Unity : Availability of snapshot...

1.what is use of copy operation in EMC Unity Array, does copy get stored in  ?

2.How can I ensure availability of snapshots, so that I can restore LUN when its deleted ?

3.Can I move snapshot to other region  where it is not effected when , source LUN is deleted by mistake ?

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Re: EMC Unity : Availability of snapshot...

Hi @blaram

I would recommend this white paper as a starting point:


Andre @ Dell EMC

Andre @ Dell EMC
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Re: EMC Unity : Availability of snapshot...

copy just creates another snapshot with the same content

possible use case if you want to attach it to a different server

you will get a warning when deleting a LUN that this also deletes its snapshots

If you really want to protect against LUN deletion you need to create a relica (full copy) which can be on a different pool (but doesnt need to in order to protect against LUN deletion)

I would suggest to download and install the UnityVSA

There you can check how the system behaves

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