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EMC Unity F350 planned power outage


We gonna cut off our data center from the power circuit next Monday at this point an APC UPS 15000 kicks in with a runtime of approx. 45 minutes.

We do have an ESX environment with APC powerchute which powers down the systems after 5 minutes. The shutdown takes around 10 minutes, so in the end we expect 15 minutes until everything is powered down.

IF the UPS isn't capable of powering the environment that long how long is the EMC Unity with its BBU (battery) running based on experience? 1min, 2min? 

What would be the correct way to go?

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Re: EMC Unity F350 planned power outage

Hello DukeR1337,

In most cases the batteries can last anywhere from 5 minutes to 1 hour.  It depends on the lifespan of your batteries. Now with that said it since you know you have a planned power outage it is best to shut the system down so that you don’t run into any issues. Here is a link to a KB that has power down and power up steps. https://dell.to/2K6LdF3

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