EMC Unity-Thick Provisioning

Hi There,

I remember there was a best practice in VNX systems,

"Thick LUN concept has beneficial implications for FAST VP, full allocation within thick pool LUN creation gives better control which tier the slice are written to"

Is the same rule applicable to Unity500 too? or can we proceed with THIN provisioning?

We are going to use Hybrid pool (SSD and SAS) for NFS filesystems.

Please suggest. Thanks in Advance!

Thanks and Regards,

Dhakshinamoorthy B


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Re: EMC Unity-Thick Provisioning

Hi Dhakshinamoorthy, I recognize that this was posted a long time ago, but I have just seen this and I will try to help you as much as I can  

First and foremost, EMC does not recommend that customers create Thick LUNs on Unity systems, except for those cases where performance may supercede all other considerations. This is because Thick LUNs do not support some Unity features. Although traditional Thick LUNs may provide higher performance characteristics in some situations, there are future features being built into the Unity system that are expected to eliminate most, if not all, differences in performance between Thin LUNs vs. Thick LUNs.

However there is an exception. For those customers that understand the limitations of leveraging Thick LUNs with new Unity OE features, and must have the most performance possible on a given LUN, there is a procedure to create Thick LUNs on a Unity system. Thick LUNs can only be created by using Unisphere CLI, also known as UEMCLI.  You must download the Unisphere CLI (UEMCLI) utility, install on a Windows host, then create the Thick LUN.

Hope this answers your question!

Hussein Baligh,

Dell EMC Cairo