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Fast cloning?

How is fast cloning supposed to work on vSphere NFS and VVOL datastores?

I have UnityVSA installed and I have created legacy NFS datastore and VVOL NFS datastore, I also have EMC NAS VAAI plugin installed and VASA VP configured. Any time I clone a VM full clone is created, I have verified from ESXi hosts vpxa.log that NAS VAAI plugin is being used when cloning on NFS datastore.

Is VSI required for fast cloning on Unity?

Can I force NAS VAAI plugin to create fast clones instead of full clones?

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Re: Fast cloning?

The Unity array does support fast cloning using VAAI and VASA 2.0 (VVols). Fast cloning is a feature used by tools such as Horizon View not available directly from the vCenter GUI.

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Re: Fast cloning?

Same issue here, would love to have fast cloning work. The documentation suggests that it should work and the GUI shows a parent object but when I clone a VM it creates a totally separate entity.

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Re: Fast cloning?

IF you use the proper software that explicitly reqeuests a file-level clone than it does work - see Wei's answer above

a regular clone command from vSphere will not

VSI should but i havent checked that in a while

you could file a product enhancement request (PER)

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