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Powerpath license for AIX

Hi Friends,

I have a Power Path license related question.

One of our customers purchased Unity 300 storage and along with it he also bought power path license for AIX. Please refer to the below screenshot for description and quantity:


Question is:

We have four IBM Power8 machines connected to unity. Inside this, there are 12 VIOS servers installed all with AIX 7.1 OS.

License above mentioned as physical edition, therefore, can we install the licenses into VIOS servers? If yes, since we have 12 VIOS servers, are we complied to the number of Licenses purchased as mentioned above in the screenshot.

I would appreciate any advise on this, please. Thanks in advance.



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Re: Powerpath license for AIX

For virtual environment, license goes based on number of cores. No matter how many VMs deployed on it.

Better understanding about your procured license, please get in touch with Account manager or sales team. They can help you on this.

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