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System Cache and FAST Cache utilization in Unity?

I'm trying to monitor the System Cache and FAST Cache utilization %age on one of our Unity arrays, but I can't find that metric anywhere.

I've looked in the Unity performance charts, adding my own counters. Also looked in CloudIQ and the uemcli performance objects.

The cache metrics I see are in terms of IOs which doesn't tell me what I want. In the VNXs it's easy to see how much the cache is being used and if it's doing Forced Flushes or getting close the the High Watermark and all that, but it doesn't seem to be so easy in Unity.

Do these counters exists and have not been added to Unity yet or I'm I doing something wrong? Thanks in advance!

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Re: System Cache and FAST Cache utilization in Unity?

There's a few metrics from UEMCLI that looks like they might meet your needs, for example:

11:33:30 service@unknown spb:~> uemcli -d -u admin -p password /metrics/metric -path sp.*.memory.summary.utilization show -detail

Storage system address:

Storage system port: 443

HTTPS connection

1:    Path         = sp.*.memory.summary.utilization

      Description  = SP Memory Utilization

      Type         = fact

      Unit         = %

      Availability = real-time

There's a few more under SP memory:

351:  Path = sp.*.memory.bufferCache.freeBufferBytes

352:  Path = sp.*.memory.bufferCache.highWatermarkHitsRate

353:  Path = sp.*.memory.bufferCache.hitRatio

354:  Path = sp.*.memory.bufferCache.hitsRate

355:  Path = sp.*.memory.bufferCache.lookupsRate

356:  Path = sp.*.memory.bufferCache.lowWatermarkHitsRate

357:  Path = sp.*.memory.bufferCache.watermarkHitsRate

358:  Path = sp.*.memory.pageSize

359:  Path = sp.*.memory.summary.buffersBytes

360:  Path = sp.*.memory.summary.cachedBytes

361:  Path = sp.*.memory.summary.freeBytes

362:  Path = sp.*.memory.summary.swapFreeBytes

363:  Path = sp.*.memory.summary.swapTotalUsedBytes

364:  Path = sp.*.memory.summary.totalBytes

365:  Path = sp.*.memory.summary.totalUsedBytes

366:  Path = sp.*.memory.summary.utilization

Do any of those meet your needs?

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