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Unable to register VSA to vcenter 6.5


just installed VSA 4.2.1. However, it can't get the VASA provider register itself to vcenter. I get the following error:

Failed: Unable to register VASA vendor provider on the VMware vCenter. Please review the event logs on the VMware hypervisor side. (Error Code:0x5c00013)

Rollback Result: Task was rolled back and marked as failed. This is because some tasks failed or SP rebooted during task execution. (Error Code:0x100a)

When I register it from vCenter itself I get a certificate error about an expired certificate, which expired in 2015.,OU=CMG,O=EMC,L=Hopkinton,ST=MA,C=US,OU=CMG,O=EMC,L=Hopkinton,ST=MA,C=US

Valid from: Tuesday May, 1st 2012 23:25:18

Valid to: Friday, May 1st 2015 23:25:18

Any idea how to fix this?


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Re: Unable to register VSA to vcenter 6.5

you may have to create a new certificate using uemcli /sys/cert

see knowledgebase 510045

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Re: Unable to register VSA to vcenter 6.5

Same thing happens with Unity 300 with firmware and vsphere 6.5.(No external CA)

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