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Unity 300 iscsi 10g

We currently have a Unity300 that is connected via add-on 4 port FC card going to a pair of brocades, all is working well.

We will be repurposing half of the VM workload on this Unity300 (migrating to vxrail), and we need to add ethernet connectivity to connect to a different VM environment.  Our network team has been putting in all new 40G Cisco switches with 4x10g breakout cables (optical) where needed (i.e. for this U300).

The port personality is ethernet, so that is ok, but I am getting the error when I plugin to port-4:

  • The Small Form-factor Pluggable (SFP) module inserted in this Ethernet port is not supported. Replace it with a supported SFP module.

So, in this type of 'modern networking' environment, what do we need to be doing to get it working?



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