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Unity 350F VM boot delays

We've recently migrated from FC to iSCSI 10Gbps on an EMC Unity 350F Storage.

Active controller on EMC is connected to 2 switches with different VLANs per port (access).
Hypervisor nodes are connected to the two switches with bonding (active-backup).
We run vlan trunks 802.1q on top. Multipathd works on top of this.
We run oVirt (RHEV) for virtualization.

I have problems booting VMs with IDE disks.
VM takes very long after BIOS to scan and boot from disk.
Both IDE/virtio disks take long mounting /boot on boot.
It seems than scanning disk takes very long.

If I disable the second (active SP) controller port (or logout from it) then everything works fine.
After boot, access to storage is also fine no matter if I have multipath or not.

The problem seems to be some kind of scanning on disk.

I have no errors on network interfaces or on the switches.

Multipath reports:

360060160f1c04800f55b065c6c7cff11 dm-10 DGC ,VRAID
size=4.0T features='2 queue_if_no_path retain_attached_hw_handler' hwhandler='1 alua' wp=rw
|-+- policy='service-time 0' prio=50 status=active
| |- 11:0:0:0 sdf 8:80 active ready running
| `- 12:0:0:0 sdi 8:128 active ready running
`-+- policy='service-time 0' prio=10 status=enabled
|- 14:0:0:0 sdh 8:112 active ready running
`- 13:0:0:0 sdg 8:96 active ready running

I've also made a bugzilla report on redhat about it, but I have no replies yet:

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