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Unity Replication Session Distribution and Load Balancing

Hi All,

Customer needs to configure Async replication for VMware VMFS Datastores (Block based) between two EMC Unity 300.

For this purpose we will use two separate links from two different ISP. We need to load balance the Replication Sessions between these two links.  

I have a couple of questions about configuring the replication.

- If we only create multiple replication interfaces on different ports (using separate links) and don’t use LACP, will it load balance between these ports without LACP Configured? I cannot find any option to distribute the replication sessions between interfaces.

- It is stated in EMC Unity Configuring High Availability Guide that link aggregation is only applicable for NAS Server, File Replication and File Import Interfaces. What if we want to replicate Block level i.e. VMFS Datastores? Is it possible with LACP configured on replication interfaces?

- It is also stated that if we link two physical ports in LACP the same ports on both SP’s are linked on SPA and SPB for redundancy. For example, if you link port 0 and port 1, the system creates a link aggregation for these ports on SP A and a link aggregation on SP B. So, on the switch we create LACP for two ports of SPA and two ports of SPB separately?  Or a 4 port LACP altogether?

- Can we distribute replication sessions for different  between interfaces without configuring LACP?

Thanks in advance!

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