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Unity VSA License

Dear sirs


please I am not able to obtain a trial license for UNITY VSA appliance, always i am getting verify network and not connected.



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Thanks for your question about the UnityVSA license. You have to call phone support to get a license.



Contact the Dell EMC Support Line by calling 800-782-4362, option 4, option 4, (at any time) and they will assist you and/or create an SR on your behalf.

Information needed in the Service Request:

Software Part Numbers – 456-110-674    UnityVSA CE 4TB=IC

Quantity/Capacity – Qty 1

Machine information: UUID

           Site Info

           If this is a Dark Site, please inform Licensing of this

           Reason for trial license = UVSA CE Trial License Website is down



Let us know if you have any additional questions.


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