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Centralized Unisphere for VMAX with eManagement

Hi Folks,

is it possible to use a centralized Unisphere for VMAX (installed as vApp in vSphere) with the eManagement of VMAX3? I want to avoid mapping gatekeepers out to a SYMAPI-Server or as RDM in the vApp as the VMAX is mainly for Mainframe.

As we have to VMAX arrays I don´t want to rely only on manage the VMAX arrays with "local" management on each separate array but use the centralized management.



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Re: Centralized Unisphere for VMAX with eManagement

Hi Markus,

no, what you describe is not possible, but the introduction of Unisphere360 with the SYMCLI 8.2 release is the beginning of the solution you describe.

Today if you want centralized management of VMAX3 (or earlier) arrays, you need to have gatekeepers from each array mapped to that host (or VM via RDM).

SYMCLI remote access can make use of existing VMAX3 EMGMT platforms

Unisphere360 works provide a pane of glass on overall environment and today link-n-launch to specific management Unisphere interface based on click-through.  Longer term I believe the vision is fuller API integration for more seamless management

Full docs available on support.emc.com...I think I found an external facing install guide


thank you