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Difference between Snap, Clone & Mirror

Hi Experts,

1) Could you please provide me the difference between Snap, Clone & Mirror??

2) It would be really helpful if you can give one details explanation on the types of snaps & how those works.

3) What are the differences between Snap, snapshot, timefinder snap, snap vp etc etc.



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Re: Difference between Snap, Clone & Mirror

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Re: Difference between Snap, Clone & Mirror

1. Snap - Point in time copy; Clone - exact copy of source; Mirror - Similar to clone and will be sync regularly;

2. Snap - Capturing the status in that time. It has two types as Copy on First Write (CoFW) and Redirect on Write (RoW)

Below link provide you how it works,

Copy-on-write & Redirect-on-write

3. Please go through the doc shared by dynamox