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Does SPA work for you?

Hey all,

We've just installed the latest version of solutions enabler and SMAS in on both Windows and SuSE linux servers.  We've been working with EMC support on a variety of SPA issues involving dropping stats, not able to display pool members in a large pool, etc... and were hoping that this latest iteration would correct issues that we've encountered in all previous versions.

Do others see this as well or is it just us?  If your SPA installation doesn't drop stats and doesn't have display issues for large pools can would you respond to this thread with any tweaks or special operations you needed to perform cuz this is driving me crazy.

We don't do anything funky or crazy with the OS and we follow the recommended guidelines for server horsepower and memory (our fresh new VM of SuSE 11sp1 has two CPUs and 10 GB of memory).  We also have SPA installed on a physical Windows server as well as a Windows VM and we keep seeing similar results...

The new installs point to a single VMAX array.



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Re: Does SPA work for you?


Each instance of SPA collects data independantly.

If you are seeing gaps in the data, it may be because the symm can't keep up with the requests due to the frequency or multiple instances of your collections.

I'd strongly suggest you pick a single platform to run SPA and disable the collections from the other SPA instances.

Do you also have ECC collecting data ??  If so, what are the DCP's enabled there ??

Finally, make sure you have DEDICATED GATEKEEPERS assigned to the SPA server (not shared with other hosts).

Hope that helps,


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Re: Does SPA work for you?

HI Tim,

There were issues with SPA dropping out data in an earlier version of solution enabler (due to storstpd daemon) but most of the issues have been fixed in the latest release of SE. COuld you please let us know what is the version of SE you are running along with the patch information? SPA behaves differently in different customer's environment due to different configuration. Its good that you are working with Support to get it fixed. My experience with SPA is getting better and better with every new release



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Re: Does SPA work for you?

I have the same issues with SE 7.2 / SPA 2.1, hoping SE 7.3 /SPA 2.2 will help.

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