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Expanding a device in FASTVP/storage tier

I have a question, here hoping someone could assist...

We have VMAX40K with mcode 5876, using SYMCLI V7.6..

Host system is OPENVMS Itanium v8.4

I have a device that is a R1 striped meta(6)  with local and remote replication.

This is a device that is using FASTVP and in a storage tier...

Due to application needs we need to expand this device to an even larger set.

Due to the FASTVP setup what changes do we need to do for this to remove the data from the FASTVP expand the stripe set, then put it back into the tiers again?

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Re: Expanding a device in FASTVP/storage tier

I think Lun Extension and FAST VP are independent operations. For ex, if meta head is already part of storage group for which a policy is applied, then as long as the Lun (storage volume) is part of that that storage group VMAX FAST VP algorithm should do the rest based on fast settings (at least this is what i expect )

i.e, Once FAST VP is configured for Meta Lun, if the meta is expanded (either stripe or concatenate), it need not be removed from the storage group (to which policy is applied) and re-add it after expansion.


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Re: Expanding a device in FASTVP/storage tier

Once a striped device is expanded, and then restored back onto the device from the BCV I assume the standard overhead would apply, pushing the data up/or down the tier. That makes sense, as long as we are not destroying the device and replacing it, we should not have to remove it from the storage group.