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Forming a meta from a replicated TDEV

I have a VMAX running 5875 code.  I'm using virtual pools for all devices.  In one case I have a TDEV which is currently in a device group that is replicating via SRDF/A.  The device is not a meta, it is a standard R1 device.

I need to grow the device and I would like to do so by forming it into a meta and concatenating another hyper to it.  In the past I remember reading that forming a meta from a thin hyper required the device to be unmapped.  Is this still the case in 5875?

If not, what are the steps I need to follow in order to do an online expansion of this TDEV?  I need to do so without affecting the replication of the other devices in the DG.

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Re: Forming a meta from a replicated TDEV


If the device is replicating through SRDF then you cant create/expand the meta. You first need to delete the SRDF pairing and then form/expand the meta.



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