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How to move Luns from SG (in a MV) to another SG


Customer with who i'm working with want to put in place the concept of "Cascaded Storage Group" that became available from symmetrix code 5876.  Customer has allready assigned around 100 Luns (meaning :Masking View X= IG, PG, SG) to different ESX clusters using standard SG (not cascaded).

I'm looking for the best way to move the allready assigned Luns from from the SG (not cascaded) to the new cascaded SG structure that the customer want to be put in place in order to activate FASTVP.

Note: No or minimal interruption is the goal.

Any help would be much appreciated,


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Has anyone responded to this yet? I have a same question

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See the similar old query, hope it can help:

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