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Impossible to add more gatekeeper

Hello ,


We got this error on Unisphere Management server of our EMC Vmwax 10K :

Number of gate keepers (2) on Symmetrix is below the minimum requirement


We are facing a big issue on EMC VMAX array!

We failed to add a new host we go this error when we tried to create new gatekeepers even after the management server reboot and the error : The Gatekeeper device < while using the Base Daemon> has an error (please see log file).

we got this error when using Symconfigure, Sympd, symdev commands.. When running symcfg discover we got : "No devices were found"

So we are not able to add more gatekeeper from our Management server

Kindly find Below the Symapi Log File

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Re: Impossible to add more gatekeeper



try renaming the symapi.db.bin to .old and then run a symcfg discover, if this does not help please open a chat with Dell customer service and they should be able to help you resolve the issue quickly.




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