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Logical device management without EzSM? (Mainframe)

Question fo mainframers - how can I see the relationship between mainframe logical devices (VOLSER or Device Address) and their physical EMC devices? Can I do this from my ECC with SYMCLI commands? I see there is a MF product called EzSM (z/OS Storage Manager) which does this, but we do not have this. I am getting the run-around on this from EMC, so I thought I would ask this community.  Thanks!

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Re: Logical device management without EzSM? (Mainframe)


The challenge is to see the UCB and VOLSER, the SW needs to reside on the MF host.  Any external connection like ECC / Solutions Enabler cannot get that info directly. I am hoping that your MF host is running the EMC software Mainframe Enablers? That can produce displays of device mappings for you via a batch job.  That output can be captured and placed into a spreadsheet.  Another option is to have the MF host install the Z/OS Solutions Enabler SW (free).  This runs on the MF LPAR and can do that mapping of UCB / VOLSER (for only that LPAR) which can feed open systems management software. I would also suggest upgrading to Unisphere as part of this since it will be easier working with that tool, assuming the Z/OS Solutions Enabler is running and you have ability to communicate with it.

I would start down that path first. There is a white paper on using Unisphere to manage and monitor a MF environment available.

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