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Meaing of symdev list output on missing symdev IDs

I have found that if I do a symdev -sid XXX list -dev ABCD on a device that does not exist, I can get many different outputs returned and I have not found a definitive list of these outputs meanings. I assume that they variously have to do with whether a symdev ID had ever been in use on this system or not, but the fact remains that these outputs are highly ambiguous and I have not found any indication as to what they truly mean about the symdev ID:

"One or more arguments are invalid"

"The device name specified could not be found"

"Could not select any Symmetrix devices to list"

"The operation cannot be completed because one or more devices are unconfigured"


Could someone give a definitive explanation of each of the above (and if there is a document detailing these that would be appreciated)?

The above are reproducible. Note: the 5th output is not a typo. Sometimes symdev returns just nothing. Depending on the device ID, the return is always the same, the array does not randomly pick one of the above, so these must have very specific meanings on the array and I would greatly appreciate knowing also.

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Re: Meaing of symdev list output on missing symdev IDs

The first four are fairly easy to explain.  There is no document that I am aware off that will explain these as they are in plain text and should be relatively intuitive, the return is based on the context of the command and device issued.

1. You have passed a flag or argument that doesn't work with the device specified, maybe wrong SID entered ?

2.The device you are looking for doesn't exist.  You have specified a single device on the command line and it's not in the config

3.The search criteria you have entered didn't match any devices in the array based on the input.  Adjust your filters.

4.You are trying to operate on devices that have been deleted from the configuration.  i.e. a gap exists in the address range and your device falls into this gap.

5. Open a case with support and supply debug from this output, I can't recall ever seeing this.

The outputs will vary depending on the device types and whether or not the device ever existed and is now deleted or if the device number was never configured.  The return seems pretty intuitive I hope my explanations help.

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Re: Meaing of symdev list output on missing symdev IDs

Awesome explanation Paul!

Mohammed Salem

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