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Re: Migrate a symdev/meta within a single VMAX non-distruptively?

why do you care about meta members being contiguous or not, they are logical devices (btw Meta will be going away in the near future)

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Re: Migrate a symdev/meta within a single VMAX non-distruptively?

Like Dynamox said, You should not really care about the dev IDs, PPME will allow you to migrate the meta TDEV to a new device/s (it can be  a non-meta device is the size is below 240 GB) .

If your question is about how the symdev IDs are allocated then this a different story. I can send you a KB article if you are interested to hear about it.

@Dynamox, You are right but this DOES NOT apply to the current VMAX family..

Hope that helps

Mohammed Salem

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Re: Migrate a symdev/meta within a single VMAX non-distruptively?

Thanks Mohammed, yes please, that KB article sounds very interesting? As I was saying, I know it's non-important, and I know these are logical id's, but this is just about 'housekeeping' I guess. Yep, our current VMAX are just installed, so will be managing them for the next 4 years from now, so in terms of thousands of devices, housekeeping is 'desirable', even if also by no means 'essential'.

e.g. Someone recently described to me on this forum a system to reserve logical id's (https://community.emc.com/message/816153#816153) by creating some 1000 or so gatekeeper devices so that on adding more drives to the VMAX, some of those can be removed to accomodate the TDAT id's (thus keeping the entire set of TDAT id's contiguous). Again, unimportant, but as a housekeeping exercise, easy to do so why not. So If anyone has a process for what I'm describing (unimportant as it definitely is), it would be great to hear that? Clones seem an option (but we do not have Clone license), or PPME (again, no license, and if I understand that's run from a host and not on the array, is that right?). I still think it's a shame that this is not a simple process implemented in symmigrate to move devices in-array (even if it is non-essential).

Interested to hear more about the future architecture that you are hinting at. Are these things that have been published in whitepapers, or is it a case of "you could tell me, but then you would have to kill me" top secret stuff?

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