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Open Replicator question

We have recently purchased a new VMAX and currently also have a DMX-3. We have a application that is running on the DMX, that on a weekly basis we want to incrementally refresh to the VMAX using Open Replicator. Our question is how should we configure the Open Replicaotr session e.g Pull or Push and either hot or Cold. Our VMAX that we have will be the  Control Device and the DMX is the remote device. We do have the luxury that we dont need to have the VMAX devices online while  the Open Replicator session is running, but the DMX source devices will need to be online. We were thinking that a Cold Pull from the VMAX, pulling from the DMX will allows us on a weekly basis to do a incremental update and refresh, while the DMX application stays online.

Our question is, is this the best way to do this or is there a preferred best practice and what do other people do.



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