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Regarding SRDF direction between two sites


We have recently setup an SRDF replication between Primary and Secondary site.

Do we have any SYMCLI command to check, which directional SRDF (like uni-directional or bi-directional) is setup between the sites.

Thank you in advance.



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Re: Regarding SRDF direction between two sites

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Re: Regarding SRDF direction between two sites

run a symrdf list -sid xxx on each site. If you get all R1 devices on one side and all R2 devices on the other then your are only syncing in one direction. Check the output in the third column.

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Re: Regarding SRDF direction between two sites


Like Jason previously said you have some interesting commands wich will provide you useful information.

First, issue symrdf -sid XXXX list. you probably have a lot of devices so in that case by adding "more" to your command it will avoid the whole list come out from the screen.

That is, symrdf -sid XXXX list|more

I don't know if you knew that you might even save the output of your command by doing:

symrdf - sid XXXX list>filename.txt

Answering your question once you have issued symrdf in the last column you will see RDF pair states, if everything is fine a SYNCHRONIZED legend should appear letting you know that RDF link is up and both drives(symdev) of both sites are up and in full synchronicity.

Finally once useful tip I would like to give you is that if you create a file containing all devices you would like to know about, for intance (0451  0451

              0452  0452) etc. you might issue symrdf - sid xxx -file filename.txt -summary list

In that case you might a summary of all kind devices which graphically would much better for your undertanding

Try it!


This week I am participating as Host together with some EMC colleague in an event called "ask the expert" and we talking about RDF besides other subjects, so I encourage you to participate by asking all kind of questions you might like to know about.


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